Selling your Car the Quickest Way to Get Cash
Posted On November 21st, 2018

When fast cash is needed, many property owners consider selling their cars. The cash that your car may bring in maybe the cash you need; but if you are like some car owners you can’t imagine a quick sale of...

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Can you Repair Flood Damaged Cars?
Posted On October 25th, 2018

During floods or river overflow, you may be able to seek shelter from the storm, but your car is not always so fortunate. Every year, many people face Flood-damaged cars which leave them wondering if their flood-damaged car is repairable. A...

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Sell Your Car in Adelaide for Cash Without Advertising
Posted On May 31st, 2018

Selling a car in Adelaide is no longer a difficult task. In fact, with Cash 4 Cars, car owners can get instant cash sales for their cars. Just how is this process possible? We are car buyers that are “THE”...

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Car Wrecking vs. Car Scrapping
Posted On March 16th, 2018

People often tend to use these two terms interchangeably. It is easy to get confused if you are not in the car industry yourself. In today’s post, the experts at Cash 4 Cars Adelaide will attempt to break it down...

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How to Sell Your Scrap Car
Posted On January 12th, 2018

With a scrap car, you have a few different options. You can disassemble the car and load it on a trailer and head to the recycling yard; perhaps, place an ad in the paper, or contact Cash for Cars Adelaide....

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